DragonVale Cheat Tool. New Version.

DragonVale ! Grow and gather the best dragons. Create the most wonderful place to live ! Our job is to take care of a charming dragons . DragonVale is perfectly suited for the younger audience . It is worth remembering that protect our account disabling the ability to purchase additional items for real currency. Offers are very tempting , and the kids know – not like to buy something for your money. Game life develops slowly . Do not focus here is particular focus on rapid development of our park and gain experience .
Facilitation is a guide with which we can use when we have a problem. It contains information about the type of each dragon. As a result, we find out what habitat lives , what it eats .
Building the park is pretty fun, but unfortunately we have a limited number of related activities . The game requires us a lot of time , which means that the achievement of good results is simply difficult. Players destroy some habitats to gain more space for your adorable dragons.
By purchasing these items through micropayments can really speed up the game and enjoy a much better gameplay effects . You can also use the app DragonVale Cheat Tool, which simulates add different things to your account. Check the description of the application and decide for yourself whether you want to download it or not.

DragonVale Cheat Tool V 4.0 :

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited treats
  • New proxy system
  • New design


The application is certainly innovative in many ways . The application has been enhanced with many new things that were not available in previous versions, making it even more effective than ever before . Remember , however, that this is only a simulation , the program actually does nothing.

DragonVale Cheats Tool V 4.0 user manual :

  1. The application should be run in windows
  2. Applications are best run in administrative mode
  3. After starting the application please refer to the interface
  4. Refresh the list of available proxies. The program will do this automatically when you press the corresponding button
  5. After doing the above things you can use the application
  6. All add value to the game using the button add now